glorious northwest

 i am entirely and absolutely in the pacific north west, and it is amazing. 
this is catherine and bill's garden, a place of wonder, comfort, and healing.
i have been fed food fit for a queen
 this amazing salad tasted even better than it looks, 
served along with one of the two very different carrot soups catherine is trying just now, 
a result of an anticipated large carrot harvest.
looking up here is so different than home!
these are trillium, of course
last night i gave my talk for the book arts guild in seattle, with a wonderful, very educated group who asked amazing questions. i met too many people to mention here, except for my supper mates, kate and sandra. this was my first attempt to work with a computer and give a talk. all the technology (thank you aimee, kate, and tech guy) worked beautifully.
i spoke without too much tension, and this group asked dozens of good questions. i felt so welcomed, and wished i could have brought more paper to pass around to touch and smell, and listen to.
 catherine took me to eat delicious fish tacos in olympia, 
before going to the amazing and HUGE seattle.
 i spent some time (an hour limit!) and money in a wonderful place. 
where the women there know their fiber.
 catherine fell in love with this tea cozy and i volunteered hannah (!!!!!) to knit it.
it was cute, and catherine has pattern, yarn, and wool. get ready, sweetie!
it was tough to limit purchases.
it was
beautifully stocked.
more to come!