news in the foothills

 cleaning the mill, clearing detritus, readying for work. i have thrown out oodles of stuff, fortunately it's all compostable so out went quantities of plant fibers saved for pulp, old dyestuffs, spiders. saved: daylily, poplar seed, rag (linen and cotton). last year i left a stack of felts dirty, and when i went out last spring to check out the mill, they disintegrated. they were old, all wool, i lost my very first ones (over twenty years old). clean your felts!!! hannah helped.
working on books in the house, and blithely cutting right into my left index finger. makes spinning kozo, er, interesting! 
the dusty apricot is kozo from the japanese paper place, the lavender is abaca
weather has turned, and it's absolutely beautiful. i'm ready to harvest dogbane, cattail for the class, and maybe a little more slippery elm, and that's all. i think.
shifu cover: sewing shifu to iowa case paper 
three sheets of morgan kozo paper=three small balls of spun paper. one ball woven into shifu 
there is a stirring of ideas beginning over at india's, a brew, and i encourage you to be in contact. if you have any interest in making marks and color on fabric or paper, be in touch. can you imagine what might happen? 
i got this for the mill, think i'll sell, too massive for my use. but cool.