leaving and arriving

michigan to be exact.
some samples i put together this week
that beautiful indigo wool above tied the wonderful
sarah swett tapestry into a nifty bundle.
 the tapestry and the yarn are all that textile can be.
that sort of textile, that is (wool).
 i moved the remains of two chimneys elsewhere,
tidying the yard.
 and this came from catherine 
 such surprise
 unfolding and blossoming
 a lovely thing from a fine friend.
and a gift from the ostrich ferns
waiting to be worked
as i get ready to leave tomorrow nerves kick in,
the drive, the teaching, the whatevers...
and aimee talked sense to me, which was just what i needed.
on the road at 5 AM tomorrow, across ontario to ox bow and PBI.

first flower

this morning the first daffodil from my garden
is curling up and going away.
i need to bring daffs and narcissi indoors, also black eyed susans.
 yes, they are.
 and this one is blurry, a low light photo
about 8 pm i htink
i cleaned up my perennial border this spring,
uncovered the heavy maple leaf "mulch"
and the flowers are so happy, 
wild and cultivated alike, they are flourishing.
and because there aren't that many
they are very special to me. 
and there are two daffodil clumps over the wall
relocated, perhaps, by enterprising rodents.
this weekend i saw two amazing sights,
a bald eagle hunting, an egret lifting off a marsh.
egret is a bird i've never seen here before.
turtles are about
as are silly old porcupines
i'm preparing for PBI and i found i had to do some "stuff"
 flax paper, still quite wet,
ready for blotters and pressure again
~clean off my work table
~locate all my appropriate spinning devices for this workshop
~loom choices?
~make lists and pack (i have the entire outback to fill with stuff)
~make 1.5 pounds of flax pulp into small papers
~make some books (!!!)
~sew bindings for a friend
~meet with a special collections librarian to talk 
do you see where this all is going?
it's like i have to tie together all the sloppy bits of my life 
in order to travel and teach. 
i even did a wild mend on a glove i tore while working last month.
i also washed them.
(this was about half way through the mend)
it's almost a frenzy. 
i gave myself a week but really,
i've been at it for a while.
 my tea kettle develops a thick layer of mineral deposits every so often.
this time there was a big break-up
and look what the large pieces had!
letters! words!
i save these pieces and throw them in the dye pot.
when i return unless i have time before i leave.
are you tired yet? 
it's wonderful to have energy
this will change once it gets hot and i slow down.
oh, and this:
i bought this
in order to have a travel wheel
and because it's so darn cute.
i don't know if i'll love it, but i do like it.
i'll photograph it put together sometime, 
but for now,
i must get going and make some STUFF.