pulp joyous

when kids are motivated to do new things
to play with new media
and to take foreign ideas
and remake them into something for their own world
that's what happened in our school last week.
drew matott 
whose name is synonymous with peace paper 
(and several other paper projects)
 volunteered to come and make paper
 with us for a day.
he worked flat out.
 in ashley putney's art room.
 we made lots of paper
 from (mostly) cotton rag pulp
 our fingers all shared this amazing experience
 haptic understanding
 for kids of many ages.
 smurf blue was a favorite pulp
made from a sweat shirt
(we also had united states currency pulp).
 but it wasn't the color so much as 
how these young people
 were introduced to the concepts of papermaking
 as a personal art form
transforming one's clothing
into art.
 ashley and drew
 and i, well, we all 
had the BEST time.
 drew promised the kids he'll be back.
and the kids
well they are holding him to that promise!
thank you drew and ashley
for the opportunity to make paper in school.