fiber and books

over on the book arts list serv
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a message came through:
Many of you know how obsessed I am with collecting, researching and making book-shaped objects. In my collection I have many sewing-related objects. Recently, I've been making some tiny felted book-shaped pin cushions in historic binding styles. I have a little edition of 15 (all different) and can make custom, even monogrammed ones. If you are interested, let me know I have some photos. They'd be a good holiday gift.
well, i had to write and see: 
then i wrote back 
asking about their colors:
these are perfect gifts for the sewing/book obsessed
tiny medieval book pin cushions
email her at:
tell her i sent you!
 i sure do think they're nifty
and there's another pin cushion i just saw and liked:
needle book and pin cushion combined
mindy, kaite; brilliant!
mine is 25 years old, give or take,
and not in need of replacement.
from my dear friend susanne