recent events

 aimee is in korea
and this is what she found at her teacher's place. 
a traditional covering
 for the wood pile.
here, folks use old paper machine felts,
tin roofing, old scrap siding
no plaited straw.
 two days off this week, 
i made prints
on paper.
 and residual and accidental prints
on peony and gingko leaves
in the backyard
it's looking bleak.
we had wintertime come to visit
after indian summer-67 degrees-
on tuesday
 the cold blew in
taking down leaves and seed fluff
 making my heart
sad with november
 school was tough tough tough.
but on friday
two old students came by to visit,
and all is well with them.
such great news 
the only good news this school year.
 peeping in the old barn's doors
more bad news
i just wish this place
could be re-furbished.
 i visited a dear friend today
she just celebrated her birthday

i'm in my 90th year, she said,
89 is a venerable age.

this quilt might be that age 
or older
being finally used
to cover the machine from chicken roosting.