rainy day

i emailed a friend today and i wrote about framing my life in my work, this has been on my mind. like many women i made the choice to have children, instead of pursuing a career, i set up a studio at home. the marriage failed and i had to make some real money, so i went back to school to get all the papers i needed to teach, so i could make a living, keep this home for my kids. not an unusual story. the work, an alternative high school program. is interesting and intense. and it commences in a week and a half, until the end of next june. 
i want to keep the intensity of this summer, the art part of my life, vibrant through the school year, i think it will make me a better teacher, certainly a better person.
these are my rock books. these five are waiting for whatever pages i build/bind in them. (one is hiding under the one in the foreground). i found them (and many small ones as well) on my walks around this place. here. not one came from more than a quarter mile from my door. i will make pages soon. i hope.