morgan shenanigans and...

 mason and aimee
and julie mclaughlin's kozo dress
big ass paper, indeed! 
no, it will be displayed differently, 
but even armless
and legless 
you get a sense of the grace and beauty of this piece.
tiny beads accent 
 charity fitting out ugly girl's hair
calculating how to best display this indigo dyed piece,
another of julie's garments 
with a stairstep woven and dyed indigo bodice
 leftover body parts
(what can i say?)
aimee and mason curated this show,
mason is hanging it and was in charge of this catalog.
the back cover below
shows my latest hortus siccus book.
 i feel a bit like i'm 
on the cover of the rolling stone!
and am in the community of fine paper artists.
 where i stay when i'm here--
 the other half is a wonderful big paper mill
way behind the zebra hide
and this
rather important and famous artists' book
by bill drendel lives here.
i was delighted to find it.
it's handmade paper heaven here in cleveland.