juxtapose and tears

 this is one of the four chipmunks i've relocated this spring
 this is what keeps me sane
 and some of the insane stuff:
photos that won't rotate
shanna leino made the etchings on this little snippie
 the spine of the binding from my book from tim's class
with some of tim's paper
 and the text block
 the stairs are almost complete in the new place
all the woodwork is yellow birch.
harvested locally.
 the living room looking into his room 
 white trilliums on the turn
 i think this is the seed head from coltsfoot
 indigenous violets
at the new place
 a new rodent has appeared!
a black squirrel
first i've seen around here
 i've caught 3 woodchucks 
this year
two live trapped and relocated
you can see both traps here,
chipmunk and woodcock hostels.
i take them far enough away 
they won't return.
 postcard from gabby
again the photo problem!
 a print from suzanna
whose pup insisted it come to me.
 i don't usually get this sort of message
but today
after going to the after hours clinic
(why? i'm cleaning the garage and barn
stepped on a nail,
and it's been too long since the last tetanus)
and you rule was with this amazing book--
 in maine i sold some paper
and had several conversations,
one with todd and his wife--
i don't remember in that great rush their faces,
but i do remember talking about 
the book he wanted to make with my paper
and katie mcgregor's paper
for the pages, and i asked
for a photo (i always do-i love to see what people make!)
 well, todd sent me a book!
 beautifully bound
 with sky blue mcgregor paper
after the morning's medical intervention,
i found this beautiful gift in the mail.
thank you.
thank you all who have sent me 
little somethings in the mail.
this week has been rocky in several ways.
but i feel sustained by affirmations 
of the importance of fine craft. fine work. good work.
and those amazing human beans (as the bfg called us).
thank you.