sometimes another person
saves you
and they don't even know it
someone knows exactly 
 what will raise the spirit
a book of images
silver, cloth, paper
(three women)
to examine, perhaps with a lens?
 your eyes
a hand lens
a sherlock style glass!
and change your seeing
 on my table
these things
join the books in process
i am happy to follow where 
the books will lead me,
even a tiny one
especially a tiny one
to wear over my heart.
thank you
yesterday friends
reached out to me
you know, sometimes you need that
more than you even imagine.
there was a bear
a drum
a hawk,
words, prayers, even,
and winter
all visited me leaving
images that keep me alive.


roz making shifu
roz hawker has a new blog.
you should go over and meet her!
why? well, having JUST taken her class
 velma's classwork
 and i continue at home
at beautiful silks' symposium
where i among a cast of characters taught.
roz taught me to look at stitches
to see them as marks.
drawing, even.
and so i've been stitching
warping the little loom
for shifu

and missing the scent of eucalyptus.