learning reflection

 in salida
there wee hints of rains
that swept over
 there were rooftops
 a reminder "we are here" on the hill
across the river from town
and how really dry this high desert is
 this place, richard's old shop
 i went into every day
and worked
 and i just made samples
and samples
 and journaled
 i would see this early
and be reminded
 and cook up a few plants
in roberta's pots
 tragically stained
 origami book
rice grass
more samples
shop door
another shop door
habu paper and silk
i made a new stump loom
or two
susan's yard/garden
terraphilia guesthouse
and here.
i'm settling back into the north
at first my skin was grateful
and i have also
packed my classroom and my office for a move.
mowed the grass twice!
caught up on sleep
rejoiced in the lightning bugs
have been tickless (so far)
seen friends and heard the news

that diary page above
is now thread
waiting to be woven.
i was without my macbook
for three days,
so i've been a little quiet here.
but i'm back!


 public signage/art/joy 
 i don't know about this woman
but during art walk
there was a tall woman with her dogs 
(she was a stilt figure and the dogs were girls)
and i heard the phrase "mud people"
 one of two sore thumbs
short nails are not designed
to be bast scraping tools
 on the milkweed
i found this wee one,
and susan and i sourced 
a new, living milkweed for it
along ditch creek
 half a b(l)ast
this reminds me
 i love this flower
it looks like it's from 
shifu play on a couple of stump looms
during artwalk helen hiebert
and her kids came to visit!
her first book
with its profiles of many papermakers
 helped me approach new plants
in my papermaking
(that book along with the amazing lilian bell
plant fibers for papermaking)
one thing among many that moved me,
a careful, every page reading of the hortus siccus exemplar
by an artist visitor
and a comment
about it being the finest book he'd read
in a long time.