long absence (for me!)

i haven't left town, 
not yet,
but will in a week and a half
for oz.
first stop: beautiful silks
on making our own cartographic explorations
contained inside
artists' books!
three days of intense play
serious play*, in fact
i can hardly wait!
 i have reluctantly pulled myself away
from the printing on silk
 seen here
 and here
and morojifu
 and winter sunrises keep calling
 to me-get all your ducks in order!
those ducks include 
a list long enough, 
too long, actually
here's an amish farmhouse i pass
ten times a week
on the way to work.
 and the ladies fly by
 but i had to stop
full stop
to photograph them in blizzard dress
one morning last week
on the way to school.
after melbourne, it's on to the grampians.
(should you wish to join me,
check out the events button.)

*serious play is a term coined by my dear friend
carol j blinn of warwick press.