two in a row

 keeps me feeling
 right in the head
 centered and grounded
 alive and tingly 
 but on this overcast late afternoon,
almost evening
 wendy took off for a little bit into the woods
just ran off, the brat
 her selective deafness annoying
 but oh, her love of the snow
the trees
the excitement of smells
traces of rabbit, deer, grouse
and three young runners 
who were unable to rid themselves of her
until one of them, wise in the way of dogs,
broke a stick and threw it back towards me
and then she remembered 
i ski with her, not these cute boys!
 another hermitage
 is slowly sinking into
the forest floor
 someone had a bottle
 and roofed over the a frame
with feed bags, then brush
and here is an enameled metal object
that i may try to salvage
next time?