hmm... in anticipation of meeting india (and wendy!) this week i allowed myself to untie a bundle from my outside jars. it fit in a pint mason jar.
after about a month, it was nicely cooked. i love the sheen of the composting (rotting) plants.
eucalyptus and black hollyhock blossoms. the same eucalyptus i bought last winter (there's more)
wet, and just unbound, silk.
the final, rinsed, dried and ready to wear scarf is dark, autumnal earthy, and wonderful.

please go over to inleaf and see wonderful pictures lotta took of her shakerag workshop with india. i've tried ecoprinting on paper, and lotta shows some beautiful samples. i must try more! very, very cool.

see the green plastic barrel? that was my manure bucket for years. it then held tororo aoi root (japanese formation aid for papermaking) in the mill. this spring it became a home for bloodroot. in all this rain, it's a mini-bog. it's an old, around the place tool, that for some reason, i treasure. ugly; has served me well.