getting it right

when you get something right
even if it's only to please yourself
it feels really good.
this one is pretty big.
and waits
 for someone to work into it.
maybe me, who knows.
 all 10.5 x 12 inches of it
and believe me if i could photograph it well
you would be hooting and hollering, too.
er, maybe not...
 contact prints
 and handmade flax, hemp
 more prints,
just a series of folios,
some gatefolds
and paper you can work into.
 this has been sitting on my work table
waiting for tweaking,
which i did today
just before i sewed it together. 
and because i had to show someone,
i'm showing  you.


 some glimpses into the process of how i record stuff. the stuff of making stuff.
 i steal from all kinds of places, national geographic, my photos, a stray flicker feather... 
this journal was made by my former yoga teacher anastasia osolin, and i just love the size, about 6x8, easy to cart around, big enough to work in.
working on some very green daylily paper as well as working out some poems.
this paper ended up here.
 ian's book, the barn and a bunch of polaroid transfers and emulsion prints.
the barn where mist lived.
and below, the old swing set, and mist in the meadow.
i can't wait to see where he takes this book. i bound it with lots of room in the sections to add in writing, drawing, "stuff" he might collect. and he is a collector, like me. 
the cover has pockets, and the pages could be removed and resewn if necessary.