winter sky

the wonderful winter sky
is companion to this walker.
some little snow
 came on.
only a little and very icy
for me that means i won't ski.
 barnhenge is leaning
without a skin to hold it taut
it is leaving, leaning, leaning. 
 and still the clouds
 this old yard table sinks deeper 
 into the snow
 small doings
stitch footprints through the few inches.
 i peep through the one mulberry that lived
from a planting of eight.
 there was a small deer visiting the black eyed susan
seed heads
 not much was eaten
probably not tasty 
(though that one was bold to come close to the house)
 leaving plenty of seed
for dyework and
for the new garden at the place
called home.
going home.

here, again

the sky
 to the south and west was wild
and to the east,
was quiet
 turning to this
that view--
 i saw there was some action
where that white and bruised indigo meet
that's where the new place is!
and indeed there was a thunderstorm.
 back to the east there were 
delicious, qiuet

 i've been enjoying reading 
robert macfarlane, 
thinking about words and land
 many colors and threads,
mostly indigo and evergreen
around here, anyway.


continuing walking i find this 
 coyote berryeater has been by
 leaving notice all up and down the middle of the road
one for each night,
 walkers beware!
coyote is announcing stuff! 
 chamomile is richer than
i've ever seen it here before. 
 paths: coyote?
gray fox?
cottontal or showshoe hare?

 here, we got a paintwork
 strong color
 and then a second one showed up
 clouds lowered and a few drops hit
but i didn't get wet, not very.
looking down 
at my feet was a little bookish chunk of steel.


my wizard friend
carol blinn
presented me with this:
 a little book showcasing my paper
out of the blue
(and the press)
here it is with one of the latins newly named.
 at w.s.w. i took a chance on some weird pop.
  nifty bottles
and the flavors were curious
they say
(so appropriate, maybe i should name my blog this!)
 and then this
became this
 a dye experiment
on spun lokta.
and then as i've been thinking and working 
with blossoms
i printed with daylily blossoms
the ones that drip rich magenta
on the green leaves below 
so i contact printed/dyed on piece of case paper and 
teamed it up with indigo
and we'll see where they go 
 daylily and one lone hibiscus 
spent blossoms...
that weird experiment above?
we're half way through.