before Codex, briefly

the weather
 is all the news here, 
constant temp swings (60 degrees in a little over 24 hours!)
and today warning like crazy...
it's winter.
i   hope i can get to syracuse to catch the plane to get to san francisco for Codex
with no snow to deal with along rt. 81, the snow belt. 
maybe i should make a magic gut parka 
(and below wonderful needles 
pre-historic and beautiful.
from all over the world
we were stitching.)
shift back to now-- 
here's the stump loom with one of my own deer bone folders
doing double duty as shed stick.
this is the stump loom i wove the pages on.
for this book 
here is the interior of a one of my new shifu books.
 made from old kozo ledger pages from japan.
 this was a precious gift
and the final book, 
3 x 6 x 1/2 in
i'm in a rush, 
and hoping that if you're coming to Codex, 
you'll stop and visit me at table #190.Cod

iphone camera on my walk

 so there's some (more) snow
 and this lovely light was frigid last evening.
almost as cold right now
 it was too cold to walk
my nose hurt
 but it was beautiful
with light strong, intense
 and secret hidey holes and shadows
 frost heave causes many scares
while driving the back roads.
this morning the snow was squeeky 
and i knew we were below zero.
 some treasures i picked up
at the grampians texture
waiting for experimental stitches
of some sort.
 the leavings from some 
frozen blueberries
patterning the inside of
a yogurt container.
some drawing experiments
under ecoprinting
and today, after,
well i'll let you know what i think 
once they're all dry.