spontaneous combustion, er, workshop

leaf bundle
 a little workshop
spontaneously occurred  
as a result of art walk
dee, roberta, sally, padgett and sydney
came to terraphilia
and we made some bundles
that are from salida
the colors were very young 
very west
very different than 
what i've been getting and
what happens at home.
and unbundling again 
roberta's paper 
 dee's scarf
she brought us all
silk scarves to dye, the contrast 
between silk and cotton 
wasn't all that profound! 
dee is one of those people who 
make a living from their art. 
her scarf and
one of her hand sewn, hand painted bags.
this group of five women 
were such fine people, good artists, and generous with supplies, 
humor, and the grace 
of making things.
i even had a little tutorial
from sally and learned to print
with a gelatin plate!
thank you, all,
from your loans of pots and containers, 
to your wonderful energy.