i've been working with hemp
these sheets are hemp top that i processed
in Zone 4's valley beater
 using three pigments procured 
from melbourne etching
caput morte, raw sienna, terre vert.
learning to manage retention aid after too many years.
 and a sweet message arrived from seattle with the 
prospectus for Jim Koss's new book
 and these special needles,
thank you Kate!
 save pulp
 the beater/press room at Zone 4

 hemp sliver half beaten
yesterday's batch was a fine warm white hemp sliver
looking forward to seeing how the pigments work on this stuff.

 this beater and i have some history

 lovely stuff
 just before finishing.
just under 2 hours of beating.
my hannah sent me this lovely bone feather
that i can string and wear.
and so far the weekend is only half over!

arrivals, etc

a nifty project: mail art
 these two made it to iowa city
part of emily martin's project
 a small visitor
 strange and wonderful 
cards and doodles
from the perfect friend
(one of my peeps as i keep hearing) 
 to the west tonight
and to the east
i listened for woodcock, to no avail.
sap is running.
redwing blackbirds continue to sing.
 paper bird
dyed silk ribbon
from beautiful silks
these colors are from the recent dyebaths.
just some doings around here.