learning with tim ely

in toronto
as in any city
weird things can stop you up short
 so on saturday morning i saw this
this was quite a surprise
 why would anyone take off these "shoes"?
leave them on the edge
of walk and ride?
a black squirrel was 
having a ridiculously delightful time
doing flips
  questioning MY motives
and then:
there's the japanese paper place.
77 brock
were the workshop was held.
(tim's exemplar)
 working with master alchemist,
timothy ely.
 i love these marks,
 loved how he taught,
his use of language and respect for story,
felt challenged and heard.
the class was filled with very
very talented artists…
 i learned more about a passel of concepts
which seem to be 
knocking at my brain: 
"pay attention, knock knock"!
so then the ride home was
 an adventure
i just love union station
 as messed up as it is
(just try to find your way
after a blue jay's game and a 
city wide parade)
 home, in my kitchen i found this
 rock books
a drain strainer
empty jars
so my sketchbook 
 taken out and examined
a few days later
after i'd gotten over the mistakes,
i had to forgive myself for those,
there are many.
but this little inlay is
a bit of paper decorated by tim
(it has sparkles in it) 
and i played with paste and color 
still unfinished, but i will slice the last
of the pages apart, paste up the corners,
and start using this thing.
the book WORKS so well,
it's a mechanical device for memory.
it opens flat and deliciously.
there are spare 
marks and bits for me to 
connect the day's notes drawings ideas paste-ins.
thank you tim.
amazing diving board for me.
and i like to swim.

more from maine

i really enjoyed
the northeast harbor library
i spent all day saturday there.
 the maine room had this treasure
hidden in the stacks
 with beautifully letterpress 
 printed words
and even more beautiful garden prints
 and this small one
 and this-- 
and more.
 and i got to page through this book!
 so amazing
 a cross, in a way
 between two other book artists that i stand in awe of:
 timothy ely 
william blake
 my eyes would go fuzzy
and then i'd go back to the book
 and this reminds me of rima staines.
who was trained 
as a book artist.
 and maybe a botanical artist or two.
 here are a few of his words
 and a few more
maybe carol barton.
and these last two
which so amaze me.
i'm home again, with more pictures 
for another day.
i promise.