i am curious about a few things.
it seems odd that my interests are so, well, so weird
but i'm used to that.
julie johnson sent this to me a while back,
i'm sure i blogged about it, 
but i love how it's now ok to think of knowledge as both 
traditional and scientific.
connecting rather than separating.
 here's a seed from the poplars, i think,
along my walk.
they're hairy and encased in a papery tear.
they were in a garland of cottony fibers,
now they are separate.
and woodhenge, as i call it,
the structure my neighbor has left unfinished
looks mysterious or just plain odd
depending on how you see it.
 on my refrigerator
dard hunter has pride of place. 
my kids as teens and me, the princess
and james dean all hang out there
mari sent me some cypress shavings from japan
to weave with
there apparently are competitive planing competitions
and these are the waste
 they remind me so much of the bits of paper
left over from big ass papermaking at the morgan
 hibe- yellow
hinoki-light pink
 all good

 i think i might have found it
it still smells great 
(don't worry, i took it from a spot that will be mowed this week)
the tiny blossoms were just waning 
 maybe it's what i hope it is.