another roadside attraction

in a tiny town with a funny name on the way to work.
that wooden tree cookie is the doorstep,
the portal too small for me.
on the way home from work
 on the highway, 
near the college
 there once was an ugly rock
 that became something
the beast has acquired its very own cairn.
in other news, the patient is very well, 
no more doctor's appointments.
hernia well mended.
one more day of class and then memorial day weekend,
four days off. hurrah!
working on the edition.
also hurrah!
the weather here has flown from 80's to 40's
in just a couple days.
rain still needed, though.

wednesday morning

 foggy morning
by the river
my thoughts are clear
coyote tries to muddle me
but i won't play that game!
so it's foggy
so it's autumn.
i have work to do
that i love.
there was a wee interruption
after the morning of fog
now, i'm sitting on the floor
hanging out with wendy, 
sending healing energy
i brought this home to read 
she rests
and i feel some peace
outside it's really autumn.
chilly, heat on inside.