things we spin and wear and write and read

last summer while i was teaching
at wsw
i had an incredible group of women students,
if one collected all of their 
amazing personalities, skills, words, love, and visions
one could make a universe.
recently kate got in touch
she has a show opening soon
i wish i could get there...
anyway, corresponding with kate
got me thinking
about size.
(some of her garments are room size)
and about
her hands know so much,
they can make things, dancing, it would seem
all by themselves.
she has continued spinning paper, 
here marked with ink,
to make a series of these garments
which are part of her upcoming show.


meanwhile, in oxford
November, A Map
(see above, the Shop button)
made an appearance at the oxford fine press book fair.
caliban press went over.
there it is, and i was told it generated lots of interest!
can you spot the Tempest behind my new book?
the first act is printed on wake robin papers
made of day lily and abaca, 
and looks like the sea.