Handmade Paper and Art for Artists/Collaborations

Ai Project coordinated by Rowland RIcketts

Love Trumps Hate Prayer flag project coordinated by Shu-Ju Wang, post 2016 election

Pantone Postcard Project: coordinated by Emily Martin, Striking Purple # 18-3025, catalog-2017

Mother Tree: Helen Hiebert, four crocheted bast fiber roots as part of the Mother Tree's many rootlets

Tree Whispers: Marilyn Sward, stitched tree on a circle of handmade paper 

Hysterical Ecstacy Spiderlegs: exquisite corpse collaborative book with Cathy Tedford and Mary Baker, edition of four

Caliban Press: handmade and contact printed paper for The Tempest, Adirondack Sutra 

Warwick Press: handmade paper for Morning Glory, 24 Nests 

Leopard Studio Editions: handmade paper