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Papermaking: A Sustainable Practice

Papermaking: A Sustainable Practice

Few of us think about this thing we use everyday: paper. This class will focus deeply on learning how to identify, evaluate, and harvest, plants appropriate to process into pulp and make paper. You'll be able to have an understanding of and ability to evaluate plants for paper forming using both Eastern and Western traditional methods. We will make paper from indigenous local and cultivated plants and plant fibers from other sources, including, perhaps an old T-shirt or your worn out cotton work clothes. This course is taught by Prof. Velma Bolyard.

Fall 2018 course being taught at St. Lawrence University 


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Paper & Book Intensive, teaching

Paper and Book Inten­sive is an annual work­ing sab­bat­i­cal in the book arts, paper­mak­ing, and con­ser­va­tion for sea­soned prac­ti­tion­ers and moti­vated begin­ners. For more than thirty years, par­tic­i­pants have gath­ered together from around the world for two weeks of daily work­shops to pro­mote unusual lev­els of exchange, knowl­edge and inspi­ra­tion.

SESSION ONE: Paper Threads: North Country Shifu

Shifu is a web of threads spun from paper and woven into cloth. This weaving tradition emerged from rural Japan in the early 1600’s simultaneously with the proliferation and popularity of handmade paper. Cloths were woven for both rustic or everyday use and for very fine textiles, often kimono. Shifu clothing exhibits many of the characteristics of washi; it can be both a cool fabric for summer wear or, when spun and woven thickly, a warm cold weather textile. In this class, we’ll explore the beautiful technique of spinning a continuous thread called kami-ito from a sheet of handmade, long fibered paper. We’ll then use our threads to weave shifu on small looms we make, to stitch on other papers, and to use in other fiber techniques. Working in the paper studio, we’ll make papers that complement our kami-itoand shifu, combining pulp, page, and line.

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