Articles and books

Hand Papermaking, Shifu and Healing, included sample of my handspun lokta kami-ito, Summer 2017

Hand Papermaking, review of Kigami and Kami-Ito by Hiroko Karuno, Summer 2015

A Song of Praise For Shifu, Susan Byrd, (included in shifu artists), 2015

1000 Artists Books, Sandra Salamony, (artists' book), 2012

Bonefolder Extrasreview of Susan Kapusinski Gaylord's catalog for The Spirit Books

The Bonefolder, Papermaking at Wake Robin, 2009

Spin-Off, Interweave Press, Sad Songs of Spring, 1984

The News Basket, several articles: Snow Shoes, Free Form Basketry, The Bramhalls, Alice Wand - Papermaker

Artists' books and related Projects

Flax Notion, artist's book, flax paper with flax stitching, and pigments, edition of 7, 2018

Seasons Cycle, ongoing journal/artists' book project beginning summer 2016 - present

Hand Papermaking Portfolio Collection Number 13, Intergenerationality, 2017 

12 Moons, shifu and contact printed cover, silk organdy printed endsheets, contact printed Arches text wove pages with gate-folds and graphite drawing, 2015

A Little Book About Shifu and Botanical Pressure Printing, regular and special editions 2016 & 17

November Song, edition of two, case paper covers, contact printed pages with fold-outs, colophon and explanation typeset and printed by Carol Blinn, boxes by Mark Tomlinson, 2014

Hortus Siccus project begun, botanical contact printing on paper

Bloodroot and Violet, slot and tab shape-woven contact printed lokta shifu pages, poem, 2013

Actias Luna, flax case paper stationers binding, daylly papers, gouache, ink, poem, beaded moth, poem  

31 Days/August, limp vellum sculptural stationer's binding, shifu pages, found objects 

Magic Lilies, limp vellum stationers binding, shifu pages, poem 

Spring Walk, limp vellum stationers binding, shifu pages, poem 

A Natural History of 2012, linen cloth pages, slip and slide structure, gathered natural objects and notes

Indigo Patterns, indigo dyed pattern paper pages, stationers binding sewn on slippery elm bark tapes, shifu cover

Winter Papers, edition of 100 of my handmade papers with text for Press de LaPlantz 

No Songs But Crickets, painted concertina book, poem, daylily paper covers, 1987


A Little Book About Shifu and Botanical Pressure Printing, regular and special editions 2016, designed by Carol Blinn, Wake Robin Press (WRP)

November, A Map, edition of 41, Caliban Press, 2015

November Song, WRP, design by Carol Blinn, box by Mark Tomlinson, 2014 edition of 2

24 Nests, designed and published by Warwick Press, 2009, edition of 50

A Milkweed Primer, zine, WRP, open edition

Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus, WRP, open edition

A Useful Sort of Creature, zine WRP, open edition

Winter Papers, handmade paper sample book for Press de LaPlantz, 1987, edition of 100