Interviews, Podcasts

  • Interview  2016
  • Aimee Lee interviewed me here  for a podcast at Bookbinding Now, March 13, 2013
  • Open Studio  Anniversary edition, NCPR (North Country Public Radio) show highlighting local artists, hosts: Todd Moe and Hilary Oak, 2007
  • Papermaking at Wake Robin, interview for NCPR with Lamarr Bliss, broadcast by NPR and Voice of America, 1988

Articles and books

  • Hand Papermaking, Summer 2017, Shifu and Healing, also included is a sample of my handspun lokta kami-ito
  • Hand Papermaking, Summer 2015, my review of Kigami and Kami-Ito by Hiroko Karuno
  • A Song of Praise For Shifu, Susan Byrd, 2015 (artists' book)
  • 1000 Artists Books, Sandra Salamony, 2012 (artists' book)
  • Bonefolder Extrasreview of Susan Kapusinski Gaylord's catalog for The Spirit Books
  • The Bonefolder, Papermaking at Wake Robin, 2009
  • Spin-Off, Interweave Press, Sad Songs of Spring, 1984
  • The News Basket, several articles, including Snow Shoes, Free Form Basketry, The Bramhalls, Alice Wand - Papermaker

Artists' books and related Projects

  • Seasons Cycle, ongoing journal/artists' book project beginning summer 2016 - present
  • Hand Papermaking Portfolio Collection Number 13, Intergenerationality, 2017 
  • 12 Moons, shifu and contact printed cover, silk organdy printed endsheets, contact printed Arches text wove pages with fold-outs and graphite drawing, 2015
  • A Little Book About Shifu and Botanical Pressure Printing, regular and special editions 2016 & 17
  • November Song, edition of two, case paper covers, contact printed pages with fold-outs, colophon and explanation typeset and printed by Carol Blinn, boxes by Mark Tomlinson, 2014
  • Hortus Siccus project begun, botanical contact printing on paper
  • Bloodroot and Violet, slot and tab shape-woven contact printed lokta shifu pages, poem, 2013
  • Actias Luna, flax case paper stationers binding, daylly papers, gouache, ink, poem, beaded moth, poem  
  • 31 Days/August, limp vellum sculptural stationer's binding, shifu pages, found objects 
  • Magic Lilies, limp vellum stationers binding, shifu pages, poem 
  • Spring Walk, limp vellum stationers binding, shifu pages, poem 
  • A Natural History of 2012, linen cloth pages, slip and slide structure, gathered natural objects and notes
  • Indigo Patterns, indigo dyed pattern paper pages, stationers binding sewn on slippery elm bark tapes, shifu cover
  • Winter Papers, edition of 100 of my handmade papers with text for Press de LaPlantz 
  • No Songs But Crickets, painted concertina book, poem, daylily paper covers, 1987

Work in collections:

  • Baylor University Library Special Collections, Waco, TX
  • University of Rochester Library Special Collections, Rochester, NY
  • University of Buffalo Lockwood Library Poetry Collection, Buffalo, NY
  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN
  • St Lawrence University, Owen D Young Library Special Collections, Canton, NY 
  • Robert F Brush Art Gallery Collection, St Lawrence University, Canton, NY
  • Learning Resource Center, Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, Estes Park, CO       
  • College of the Atlantic, Thorndike Library Special Collections, Bar Harbor, ME
  • University of Washington Special Collections, Seattle, WA
  • Swarthmore College Library Special Collections, Saratoga Springs, NY
  • University of Utah Marriott Library, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Counterweave Anima, Rome, ITALY


  • A Little Book About Shifu and Botanical Pressure Printing, regular and special editions 2016, designed by Carol Blinn, Wake Robin Press (WRP)
  • November, A Map, edition of 41, Caliban Press, 2015
  • November Song, WRP, type design by Carol Blinn, box by Mark Tomlinson, 2014 edition of 2
  • 24 Nests, designed and published by Warwick Press, 2009, edition of 50
  • A Milkweed Primer, zine, WRP, open edition
  • Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus, WRP, open edition
  • A Useful Sort of Creature, zine WRP, open edition
  • Winter Papers, handmade paper samples for Press de LaPlantz, 1987, edition of 100

Handmade Paper and Art for Artists/Collaborations

  • Ai Project coordinated by Rowland RIcketts
  • Love Trumps Hate Prayer flag project coordinated by Shu-Ju Wang, post 2016 election
  • Pantone Postcard Project: coordinated by Emily Martin, Striking Purple # 18-3025, catalog-2017
  • Mother Tree: Helen Hiebert, four crocheted bast fiber roots as part of the Mother Tree's many rootlets
  • Tree Whispers: Marilyn Sward, stitched tree on a circle of handmade paper 
  • Hysterical Ecstacy Spiderlegs: exquisite corpse collaborative book with Cathy Tedford and Mary Baker, edition of four
  • Caliban Press: handmade and contact printed paper for The Tempest, Adirondack Sutra 
  • Warwick Press: handmade paper for Morning Glory, 24 Nests 
  • Leopard Studio Editions: handmade paper 


  • Rain Garden, part of the exhibition Rise and Revive at the Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, OH, 2014
  • Creative Responses to Global Warnings, St Lawrence University Richard F Brush Art Gallery, A Studio Space, 1998


  • North East Harbor Public Library, Wake Robin Bookwooks, 2016  
  • Revise and Revive, The Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, OH 2014 
  • ConTextile, one woman show, St Lawrence Country Arts Council, Potsdam, NY
  • North Country Regional Triennial Exhibition, Potsdam NY


Hannah Stevens recorded me undoing a large paper botanical contact print.