saugatauk michigan is about 12 hours west of home, bumping south or north to avoid that ontario lake. i've made paper and used natural dyes in some new (to me) ways with anne covell, and begun my printmaking adventure with mokuhanga taught by katie baldwin. suffice it to say that the paper studio was WAY more familiar. these two women are absolutely fine teachers. tomorrow i begin four days with barb tetenbaum making pressure prints. i really wanted to understand printmaking a little bit. here are four little photos that are from the first day...


allergies and green

this spring i've had a return to huge pollen allergies. and i've found an antihistamine that's effective: nettle tea. yep, and cheaper than over the counters and i get to put a little honey in it. amazing.

below you will see two images, the first is a message from brien beidler...who made the delicious tiny brass dividers. when i wrote him i told him i had studied with jim croft, learning to make some tools and medieval style board book bindings. brien sent this great message. in a two days i'll be packing up my subaru and setting off west, above lake ontario to saugatauk, michigan. i'm going to the paper and book intensive (PBI) and brien will be there with his tools, as will andrea peterson and my hero shanna leino. closing the circle of paper, and bookish folks, shanna studied with jim. i'll be learning two printmaking techniques, pressure printing (which i have done a tiny bit of) and mokuhanga. i'll also get to work with pulp and pigments. what a lovely week or so.

at the bottom of this stack of photos is the summer 2016 book in process. yesterday i finally pulled together the second in this series, fall/winter 2016. it was as hard to do as pulling teeth. what finally got me over the hump was sunshine, wonderful messages from friends, a package from another friend, and just the sheer terror of having to do something! but i did it. and i'm happy. it needs more work, words and stitch, but that's ok. the bones and more are there. 

i'm having so much trouble with the blog on square space, i might go back to blogger for the ease of it all. i love dropping in with a message, but this format is cumbersome. i'll let you know.

so after PBI i will be home for a few weeks then off to Victoria, British Columbia for Treadle Lightly, the ANWG 2017 Conference where i will teach shifu and paper manipulations with a surprise or two. after that conference (i will meet the amazing and lovely jean and bryan) i will train down to Seattle to talk to and teach shifu at the BAG (book arts guild) and a round table at the PSBA in Olympia, and then back to Victoria and home.

in august i'll be at LongRidge Farm to teach papermaking, so go over to their site if you're interested. we'll plan on making shifu there, too.

after this summer i have the pleasure of co-teaching a book arts class at st lawrence university during the fall semester with melissa shulenburg. who says retirement is boring!

but my other news, besides learning how to manage allergies with nettles, i have found that the winter tiredness has an organic source: hypothyroidism. so that, too has changed and i'm livelier than i've been in some time.  

i will try to sort out the blog soon. blessings to you readers, who still come back, even though i'm struggling with this frustrating format. 

apologies and amazement

so many things have been happening, always the case in springtime, isn't it? too many things to be thinking about too many directions I've been pulled. and until a week ago a bit tired. turns out my thyroid isn't doing the work it should, so that's now improving, and with that change more energy. we swing here in the north country from almost summer to early spring, hard rain falling with brilliant sunshine seeping through thick clouds. 

again i have thanks for all 13 (!!!) of you who have ordered books lately, it's been wonderful to have a little boost to finish up what will likely be the final batch and to get them into people's hands. i've had some fun making these up, and weaving on the stump loom, watching video and listening to pod casts as an addition to the radio. too much news. ugh. the 2017 news is too often a recipe for despair.

the photos below are in order, but i haven't learned how to make descriptions above each photo...square space is still a struggle, sorry. my life this spring.

here's an exploration of what happens with three sheets of white linen paper and six crocus. 

then a new neighbor.

juneberries at HOME in the nighttime.

three photos of a road event and the warning sign.

then you see the table with the edition and a few other things happening.