Wake Robin is one of the common names (a couple others are Stink Pot and Stinkin' Willie) for the deep red trillium that grows in the northeast US in early spring and is the name I use for my studio. My name is Velma Bolyard and I began weaving and making paper before I landed in the Western Adirondack Mountains of New York. I set up my hand paper mill and fiber studio, Wake Robin, in the North Country in the 1980's. I'm a weaver, spinner, papermaker, book and fiber artist. I'm currently making shifu (a spun and woven paper textile), contact or eco printing on paper and textiles, and making artists' books. In 2016 I retired from teaching special education in public school. These days I am teaching workshops/classes in shifu, hand papermaking, and book arts in North America, and Australia. In my work I find that I am responding to this place I call home and exploring my connections and concerns for the land, animals, plants, and weather of this place. 


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