A Little Book About Shifu and Botanical Pressure Printing

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November, A Map

One large (20 x 26 inches) Arches text wove, eco/contact printed by Velma at Wake Robin Papers, letterpress printed by Velma and Mark McMurray at Caliban Press, folded and torn down into a map or meander book, presented in a Strathmore paper case, die cut by Mark and hand stitched by Velma with linen thread, printed by Mark with Velma's help, November, A Map a poem by Velma beginning in March 2016 and completed at the autumnal solstice.

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Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus

Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus is a small book about a big thing in my life as a papermaker, milkweed paper. Seven pages of narrative, and a sample of my first milkweed paper. This little book was made in memory  of my friend John Green who taught me about the North Country, and cooked up some milkweed for me to taste. Varied inks and covers, open edition.

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