walnut dye, milkweed paper, car accident

 dyeing with walnut on tiny papers and one milkweed sheet.
 the dye and the brush
 an old blanket to become a felt
 dry milkweed paper, and the newly dyed

 first dyed milkweed
 a partial stack of milkweed sheets and the edge of my work table. i love this table. my nephew rich resurfaced it long ago, then gave it to me.
 the reverse patch
 milkweed almost dry
 i love this paper
 erratic deckle
can't help it, it's lovely 
 it makes you want to inhale
after i left the mill, i was in the house, looked out the window to see if the mail had come. we are having big snow. 
up from my house a few yards, in my ditch, was a newly overturned suv.
i called 911, and they already had the call, i went out, the young guy was walking around and taking calls! and that was the beginning of all the traffic, state police, and within a little while the car is rightsideup.
and it's gone, all within an hour. 
this is at least the seventh accident in front of my house, one other occurred in exactly the same spot, two years or so ago. 
 in the mail, two checks, one a book sale, one for dental work.
and a christmas card.