i washed and froze the bloodroot (finally).
 waiting so long meant i lost some to rot. stupid waste.
 health issues this week have once again surprised me. 
the good news is that the weird dizziness is caused by an inner ear thing...
... that physical therapy has assisted. not an ear infection. YAY. 
lots of driving today to get to p.t. and car dealer and a very long wait (for a little issue). 
good news was in the mail.
 she writes my story
 a hanji gift from aimee
 she's exploring some new book ideas
nifty closures
the inside, cords, dak, hanji
the morgan class is on (there's room for you if you'd like to come)
the papermaking class, and the talks in washington (state) are on
and i am looking forward to these SO MUCH!