delicious colo(u)r

 somehow the u added in
makes color richer.
here at beautiful silks,
colour enhances even the metal
grates covering the windows
 so i went shopping
looking for some goodies for my students:
pigment perhaps, or other papers--
and a couple of drop spindles.
 and i found this place:
it has the rarefied atmosphere
of serious, quality art supplies,
and paper
and pigment
 aukje's sample books
 when a teacher takes the time 
to put her samples into an original
and beautiful format
her students have a 
haptic object to explore
 a way to begin
this idea
seedpod stitched
is terribly exciting 
the structurue is simple, elegant 
and totally appropriate 
class supply collage
outside in the alley
natural green 
aukje put six shifu squares
into dyebaths
the vats ate two
but spewed forth these.