a brief visit to the ocean
where i spied 
a ship and a known landscape in the distance
 these tapestries turn up 
now and then
 once in a
goose? moon?
it has begun...even though
i felt summer turn her head 
towards fall a while ago
it is here, the feeling of changes
not a rush, yet,
but the birds have been toning 
up their muscles in preparation
the days are shorter, 
lingering, arguing with darkness on either end
wait wait
but winter is traveling 
 i got a "free" photo book
from shutterfly
and orbitz
 a photo chronicle 
of my trip to australia
for the nature's colours in the city
the biggest error was the cover text color
and in johnson, vermont
on my way to bar harbor,
i found ebenezer books.
a REAL bookstore
the kind with wonderful books
and i bought this new jane yolen poetry collection.
time to get some chores done, 
make some "stuff"
and enjoy the sunshine and breeze.