all around the north country
clouds, snow, wind
 it started out cold and strangely golden 
early just after dawn
and the clouds were strange colors.
 i spotted two ends of a snowbow
 as i drove down the amish road.
 all day we heard stories of 
blizzard-like conditions nearby
(lake ontario)
and on the other big lake
(lake erie)
 so i drove home with courage and a high glorious joy
hoping to avoid whiteouts,
relieved to be going home to warm up the house
for whatever weather arrives.
and on the road
a pair of snow buntings
 they are back
  having traveled south for the winter.
i soon saw a flock
gathered on the gravel shoulders.

 there were some prints last night
i used up the last of the late fall harvests
before the snow came.
 and here, 
back home,
there's a snow dance
a crazy little spiral in our four inches or so.