one thousand

a new day/year
milkweed seed fiber becoming paper:
i made my first sheets of milkweed paper
doing the gathering out back (on skis)
stripping fiber in my kitchen 
sheetforming in the mill, using the tororo aoi i'd grown,
(that mill called wake robin)
it was about 27 years ago.
and these days?
well i wander some
for pattern
 and meaning and something a bit hard to catch.
and today i sit here
bundled up and listening to the wind gusting with new snow.
i ponder with astonishment
i am here, still, writing into the ethers.
the one thousandth time.
thank you all for coming over to visit.
wouldn't it be grand to sit down together
for tea and conversation?
take a walk in my woods
looking for little miracles?
wild apples, perhaps?