the crack in everything

big wind last night
 made the hole in the roof and side of the barn burst outward
and now it's on the way to compost
 there was a shibori sky last night
when i saw how far the barn had gone.
 further even this morning.
 shibori to tiedye
and a lopsided moon
all indicative of this weird week.
i celebrated her birthday last night
with community 
isis turning 91 or 92, 
she couldn't remember.
we've been friends for something like 35 years,
we don't remember.
but we remember meeting each other.
  we always gather in her tiny kitchen
because her heart is in the kitchen
and in her studio downstairs
where the looms and wheels are.
this photo of my place from a couple of summers ago
 house, mill/garage, barn and land.
trump and cohen in the same week.
so few words.