it's time for the reckoning, or in modern americanese: inventory.
i've taken a totally arbitrary approach here, 
picking photos from my desktop:

1. copper pipe marked by goldenrod leaves from a workshop years ago 
with india flint at long ridge farm.
it's resting on one of the stump looms.
the right kind of alchemy.
 2. linda marshall of washi arts is an amazing advocate for japanese paper
a fine friend 
and host who took care of me in vancouver last fall. 
she's a terrific guide for me, 
and provides all kinds of 
help for artists wanting to use 
really good papers.
 3. this book, 
Indigo Patterns 
was purchased this year by Owen D Young Library at St Lawrence University. 
it's a book i loved making, 
the cover is "shifu" with dyed pattern paper, 
linen paper, 
and slippery elm bark weft, linen paper warp. 
pages are indigo dyed pattern papers,
tacketed binding.
 4. my little Flax Notion edition sold out!
i loved making this one.
all flax.
 5. fern dust: 
i'm in a conversation with mari newell who also works with it.
and yes, it IS a thing.
 6. rocks. 
i love rocks, 
these are from jasper beach
and i love how shanna wraps lake michigan rocks. 
 7. milkweed. 
as ever my favorite ever paper that i've made, 
my fist edition done so long ago that my children 
(now 33 and 36) were in grade school while i made it. 
it's a generous and strong plant.
 8. we lost gwen this year, 
shown here in the foreground.
 unusually behind her pack 
 9. raw flax paper. 
absolutely nothing like it.
 10. i think this book, 
12 Moons, 
sold this year to Baylor University by Alicia Bailey 
(but maybe it was last year, sigh) 
shifu cover, silk endpapers, pages all botanical contact printed.
double pamphlet stitch binding.
 11. still contact printing mostly on paper, 
occasionally on shifu 
(which IS paper). 
 12. my papermaking class. 
only one student in the bunch was an art major. 
the four adult students and i meet every so often to talk 
and make books. 
it's nifty. 
this group was such a blessing to me, 
keeping me thinking about papermaking. 
all autumn.
i started a post today and meant to go way elsewhere, 
but here we are instead. 
you all who read are blessings, too.
thank you, you are a joy.
please feel free to contact me through the website, 
blogger seems to be ignoring me here and out on others' sites, too.
as for from now until february 2 when hannah and i get on planes for california, 
i will be working on 
for CODEX .


 transitional times like march and november
move me 
i must go outside
(hence my absence from the ethers)
and i have been making lots of ecoprints
  i did get out on my land
several times
and found a stack of rock books
this rock i've not seen in years
in fact, having lived on this piece of north country
for 26 years,
 much has changed,
is changing
the stream has become a series
of ponds
six now, i think
as beaver rearrange the land to their suiting
 i walked across several dams
 became dazzled by the late afternoon
brilliant sunlight
 saw myself reflected on ice
 and walked gingerly around such trees
 there were other dam visitors
before me.
 while there i heard some birds, chickadees mostly,
beginning to think about spring
 i've ridden my horses, skied, and walked,
sometimes hauling out a child or a load of stuff
up this hill from the woods
this is the back of my pasture
and there i am with a bag of plant bits
 i often come out here and just 
stretch out on a rock
or examine the plants
or watch a woodchuck hole, a rabbit run, a deer trail.
it's really growing up to brush now
without grazing animals on it
there are still
milkweed blessings 
all over this place.
at work the men were talking of milkweed
how toxic it is, blah, blah, blah,
and i told them i'd eaten it.
poor (wo)man's asparagus.
mouths fell open,
(i grinned)