when someone makes something both useful and beautiful, it comes from somewhere, it doesn't occur in a vacuum. i make plenty of useless objects, some beautiful, some not. some are, i hope, provocative. sometimes something is just plain fine. just before my camera died, i took two shots of these wristies, or fingerless gloves. i had some machine spun, sock weight wool with nylon that i space dyed last summer. the dyes were acid dyes, dye baths that were hanging around after dyeing vellum. i think i might have used three or four baths to come up with the variegation.
hannah knits wristies and for these long, elegant ones, she picked this skein. i think they're lovely, but find them too long for my taste, they bunch up more than i'm happy with. they're quite long, about 12 inches. if i were less curmudgeonly, it wouldn't bug me.

one pair of fingerless gloves = four dyebaths, two friends (carol and mark) to dye vellum with, one knitter, one dyer, one skein of wool. she thinks they're "eh". i think they're lovely.