a day or so late

 just before the moon was full
i walked in late afternoon
to the east, the moon rising
 to the west the sun setting
and the neighbor cows
 well, i've taken to talking to them.
and they look at me.
they seem to be staying close to the barn
and the round bales in the yard.
there's a new baby
 chocolate amongst the beautiful mamas.
and this itchy girl
made good use of granite.
 holding fast to normalcy
i am hoping for hope.
these beautiful beasts whose consciousness i can't grasp
and the birds, snow buntings, chickadees and bluejays
(at night owls call)
these things ground me and remind me
that our beautiful mother will be here
before and after me.
i keep turning off the news.
i will make milkweed paper today.